Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

28 Sep

Lean management and Six Sigma are different concepts that present more or less the same way of doing things, and so an organization can adopt both to ensure it is best placed to hit its profitability and customer focus goals. Lean management is concerned with minimizing and eliminating waste as a company gets more efficient. Six Sigma focuses on removing defects and minimizing variation.

When combined, the two concepts are called Lean Six Sigma. They will thus help an organization perform much better with the available resources. It will also make the most of those resources while achieving the best possible results in the most sustainable manner.

The lean section of the new concept is traditionally concerned with removing specific kinds of waste such as over-production, defects, waiting, transportation, non-utilized skill, inventory, extra-processing and motion. Six Sigma, on the other hand, aims to improve the quality of processes by pointing out and getting rid of defects and minimizing existing variables in the processes. The two ideas will work together to institute continuous flow by making sure processes flow smoothly from one to the next, and that the entire process has fewer variations, which in turn enable that smooth and uncomplicated flow.

There are different levels of training for Lean Six Sigma, through which you will gain a more comprehensive understanding of the process and its execution. The levels are also known as the white belt, yellow belt, green belt, black belt and master black belt. After the training at each level, there will be certified.

The green belt level specifically enables you to acquire certain strengths. You will, for one, become capable of identifying, leading and implementing lean six sigma projects for your company. It has an analyze phase, where you get to do data analysis using statistical tools and hypothesis testing. There is also the control section, where you learn to identify inputs and outputs. Learn more about six sigma. 

There are certain advantages that come with opting to take online training for this level. It is an easier way to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to perform much better in their positions. The green belt level will enable you with the right skill set to improve on your company’s processes, and also offer solutions, along with creating processes that end up fixing the existing problems of the same nature. Considering you have to still attend to your usual duties as you take those classes, an online option offers you the much-needed flexibility in the process. Read more about lean six sigma online courses uk

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